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Fletcher Family Adventure

Hi Kids,

OK, so here is our trip itinerary...a picture is worth a thousands words...
and it certainly makes the family adventure feel more real!

This update brought to you by the letter S.

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The Tablet

The google girl very nearly succumbed yesterday. I nearly bought an iPad. Saved at the last minute by an Asus. Thank goodness for that or i would be labeled a hypocrite and a trend follower - and there would be nothing worse!

Basically we need something that we can use to write a blog and keep in touch with people while we are away that does not entail hanging out in an internet cafe for hours while one of us tries to amuse the kids. So we now have an Asus transformer, which is a tablet, with a detachable keyboard. So far its great. Think it will do the job fine, and best of all - its ANDROID! The benefits of which are boundless, but mainly because that is what I am used to and it is so hard to use the iPad now!


P.S. Asus Transformer Tablet T300T, quad processor, Android 4, 96GB RAM, SD, microSD, USB port, 15hrs battery life -Sean

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Planning for Cuba

21 July 2012

Planning for our trip to Cuba we began reading about this most interesting country. Through this reading we learnt about the embargo the United States imposed on Cuba. Little were we to know this would have a direct impact on us little ole New Zealanders! It transpires that in order to get a Tourist Visa Card for Cuba we must show that wo have medical insurance cover. So we call up our Visa card people, who offer free travel insurance with their card. They forawrd us to the insurance company that provides this. We ask them to send a certificate verifying we are insured for medical expenses in Cuba. Lo and behold we recieve an email the next day, explaining that they are unable to cover us for our travel to Cuba and they will pay us $1000 for the inconvenience!!!! We reply asking them why they will not cover us, to which we are told that they endeavour to cover the entire world however they must compy with "relevant legislation". Next we call brother Leith who works for said insurance company and... sure enough they are a Untited States company! ...

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